Monday, 11 March 2013

Quebec Nationalists Attacking Montreal Italian Community

It has come to our attention that the owner of Buonanotte Massimo Lecas has been the victim of repeated attacks this week. The group "Quebec Francais" has been at the forefront, and there has also been a page created calling for boycotts against his restaurant.

 Massimo has been accused of fabricating information pertaining to "pastagate" and pictures have been created of him with text aimed at destroying his character.

The letter clearly shows that the OQLF had requested that "pasta" be translated. Pasta is an international word and it is very clear to everyone that this word DOES NOT need translation. Any attempt by the nationalists to continue seeking justification for their actions will only lead to further ridicule internationally. 

We also believe it is deplorable that the historic Italian community who have contributed so much to Montreal and Quebec are insulted and degraded in such a racist xenophobic fashion. If anyone disputes the contributions Italians made to Quebec we suggest they read the following article :

We also ask that people report these pages to Facebook for hate:

Boycottons le Buonanotte:

Quebec Francais:

Below you will find the letter that was sent to Massimo Lecas proving the word "Pasta" was requested by the OQLF to be translated and also examples of the hate directed towards Italians in Montreal. We will add more pictures as we find them.

Putbacktheflag stands behind the Italian community in Quebec and will not accept this racism directed at the Italian Canadians at ANY other cultural minorities





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