Sunday, 30 December 2012

Discriminating Against Anglos In Quebec Is Discriminating Against Everyone

Let us start off by defining what an Anglophone is to your typical Separatist in Quebec. For some odd reason they believe anglophones in Quebec are “Anglo Saxons”. Now let me give you the true definition of what an Anglo Saxon is:

Anglo-Saxon: is a general term referring to the Germanic peoples who came to Britain during the 5th and 6th centuries, including Angles, Saxons, Frisii, and Jutes. The term also refers to the language spoken at the time in England, which is now called Old English, and to the culture of the era, which has long attracted popular and scholarly attention.

Now let us tell you what the reality is in Quebec. An anglophone in Quebec can be of any race or cultural background that use English as their primary spoken language at home. When you call an anglophone in Montreal a “Saxon” you are in fact insulting a vast number of minorities that helped build the city and make Montreal the multinational and vibrant city it is today. The Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, Chinese, the Jewish community, Armenians, Lebanese, Indians, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Scottish,  Irish, Filipino, Mexicans and more importantly the native people of Quebec. (Please note an anglophone can also be a mix of various ethnic groups including francophone)

What these ethnic groups in Quebec above suffer from is : Linguistic discrimination (also called linguicism and languagism) which is the unfair treatment of an individual based solely on their use of language. This use of language may include the individual's native language or other characteristics of the person's speech, such as an accent, the size of vocabulary (whether the person uses complex and varied words), and syntax. It may also involve a person's ability or inability to use one language instead of another; for example, one who speaks Japanese in France will probably be treated differently from one who speaks French. Based on a difference in use of language, a person may automatically form judgments about another person's wealth, education, social status, character, and/or other traits. These perceived judgments may then lead to the unjustifiable treatment of the individual.

To the backward thinkers in Quebec, discrimination based on language is RACISM when your linguistic discrimination deprives your minorities their freedom of speech and expression. We are not in the 5th or 6th century and labeling someone an “Anglo Saxon” to justify your racism and discrimination will not be tolerated.  “Quebec is the only place in the world where cities are barred from serving minorities in a language of their choice unless the minority is the majority. It is absurd,” Cote-St-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather

So we call on everyone to stand up and tell it like it is. Language discrimination IS racism and using the excuse of protecting your culture when openly bashing others can NEVER be tolerated or justified. You will be on the wrong side of history should you choose that option, freedom of choice and equal rights will always prevail.

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

What If Canada Adopted Their Own Bill101

Imagine for a moment, Canada put into place their own "Charter of the English Language" due to a growing perceived threat nationally that English was on the decline and warranted protection in Canada.

Canada being surrounded in a sea of Mandarin and Hindi (nearly 3 billion) and Canada's population at a mere 35 million, we definitely need a law to protect our national language (Canadian English) which is on the decline. For example, cities such as Vancouver have increasingly become more "Mandarin" and cities such as Toronto, have intolerable amounts of Hindi speakers. This needs to STOP. Our solution is to create the "Charter of the English Language."

The Charter of the English Language will ensure that the English Canadian language version is protected and that anyone living in Canada will speak OUR national language. A language police will be formed. Businesses not conforming, who continue to put up signs containing any other language than Canadian English, will be fined accordingly. Our agents will come into these businesses, photograph/measure all "offending signs" and promptly send a letter asking these businesses to conform to the English language Charter. Store owners will also be encouraged in areas where these languages are spoken, to put up stickers in their windows that read, "Here we shop in English."

 If any of the businesses have trademark names we suggest the following: Adding an English word in front of the sign to make it clear, and in order to limit the risk of Mandarinizing/Cantonizing or Indianizing our language:

Won Ton Soup = Chinese Meat Filled Noodles In Soup
Chow Mein = Stir-fried Chinese Noodles with meat and shrimp
Dim Sum = "Chinese Breakfast" or "Chinese Brunch"
Samosa = "Indian meat/vegetable-filled pastry"
Gulab Jamun = "Syrupy Ball Dessert"

 Occasionally these laws may cause Anglophone employees and population to beat up, egg, and refuse to serve the minorities in these cities. But please understand that in general, these are isolated incidents and these "victims" would be better off learning the English National language to avoid offending the population. We are in Canada after all so it is only normal they learn our language. When in Germany, we speak German, right? When in Italy, we speak Italian? So why not speak OUR national language which is Canadian English.

 As a matter of fact, we believe that the law is not strong enough and needs more bite. No anglophone Canadian should be taking courses that teach Mandarin/Cantonese or Hindi languages (even as adults), unless one of their parents were native Mandarin or Hindi. We would also like to grant judicial powers to our language minister responsible for the English language to have the power to subpoena and charge any offenders with contempt who refuse to comply with the language law.

 These measures need to be put into place ASAP or we risk being assimilated by the Chinese and Indian population. Our national language needs protection. 

Sounds very racist doesn't it? Would this be accepted in Canada? Of course not.
So why is it currently being accepted in Quebec?

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Quebec Language Hypocrisy - BYE BYE 2012 English only Billboard

Driving down the East of Montreal on Notre dame and Papineau  I noticed a huge Billboard by Radio Canada and the words said “BYE BYE 2012” Double take. For those who do not know “BYE BYE” it is one of the most watched NEW Year’s shows in Quebec. The show is edgy and borderline racist and anti-English as some Community leaders have accused it to be in the past. The yearly program features sketches satirizing the past year's events, followed by a countdown to the next year. But as you drive down Notre Dame and see those big “BYE BYE” English words you can’t help but to think, why hasn’t anyone contacted the Language police?  Hypocrites?? To be fair  Bill 101 does exempt cultural institutions and crown corporations, but would that apply to French cultural institutions using English words? Sure CJAD can have ads in English because it is an English institutions but a French institutions using English, is that really cultural?

Best Buy, Old Navy Wal-Mart etc.. who have legit international trademarks and are exempt from Bill 101 somehow are in court battling over "too much English" on signs. So Best BUY no good...BYE BYE OK?? Hmm. It seems like the Tongue troopers are selectively choosing  their targets. The OLF seems to go after US and Canadian corporations, they have harassed mom and pop shops with such petty things as hand written English signs, they have gone after homeless dog shelters and parrots who don’t speak English but turn a blind eye to their own French institutions? Or maybe they just missed it?  Or maybe too many French Canadians would get mad if they did?

 I realize the Language police cannot touch Crown corporations like the CBC because they do not fall into their jurisdiction but how come they are not even trying... just a little bit? I thought the French language was being threatened? Perhaps next year “Au revoir Au revoir 2013

Jimmy Kay

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

OQLF Harassing Pet Adoption House Absolutely Appalling

Infrastructure in Montreal is crumbling, hospitals under funded, palliative care cutting warm meals to cancer patients due to strict budgets and the (OQLF) Office québécois de la langue française is harassing a Pet Adoption House in Montreal? 

Sophie's Dog Adoption is run solely by Sophie, her son Rick and Annie. They have been rescuing dogs since 1996, one dog at a time and placed over 1,000 dogs so far! All  dogs are sterilized and vaccinated before adoption, and all applicants are fully screened before adoption.They believe in making the right matches for each dog and each family in order to give these dogs a real second chance.

We call on all dog owners and animal lovers to share this story to the best of your ability and DEMAND that the OQLF drop this case IMMEDIATELY.

We also ask that you support Sophie's Dog Adoption and rally around this courageous owner for standing up for her rights as a citizen. How many stories like this will it take for us to take a stand?

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Sophie's Dog Adoption
OQLF Letter To Sophie
Sophie's Dog Adoption Donations

Global TV News Report Of Harassment :

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

OLF Orders Pharmacists English Warning Posters And Flyers Removed

Quebec Order of Pharmacists told by the OLF to have its members remove English-language posters and flyers from their pharmacies pertaining to Quebec's code of caution on medication.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

PQ Office In New York Ashamed Of Their Own Language Laws?

The annoying pimple, aka Bill101 and Bill14, became awfully hard to cover up on the PQ’s “Manhattan project” called: Quebec Government Office in New York.

Not only is Bill101 enforced in Quebec, the Parti Quebecois is pushing for a stronger Bill101 with fangs. For those of you living outside of Quebec, these laws are aimed at eliminating English on commercial signs, within businesses and forbidding citizens to attend English schools. The new Bill14 would strengthen those laws, provide the language minister judicial type powers and provide increased power to the office de la langue française, Quebec’s “language police”

We received word that these very laws that the PQ push hard in Quebec have become a very touchy and dirty topic when details were posted on their New York website; perhaps preventing potential American investors from understanding these laws fully. Quebecers fed up of the stagnant economy and limited growth these laws breed, found it rather hypocritical that the PQ would encourage New Yorkers to invest in Quebec, knowing full well the limitations of these xenophobic laws.

Comments of concern posted by Quebecers regarding these laws were removed promptly by the Quebec Government Office In New York; the comments section have since been “disabled”. Here is their statement:

“We would like to inform you that we have recently removed some comments because they did not follow the Facebook terms of use or our Facebook policy, which we invite you to read below.

As previously noted, we encourage discussion, dialogue and the sharing of ideas, but we will not tolerate personal attacks, insults, comments written in caps, walls of text, hate speech etc. We left the majority of the comments on our page and did not ban anyone because we want the community to be able to make up its mind about the value of such comments. Nevertheless, we have temporarily removed the user recommendation box because of spam. We hope this makes sense to all of you.”

Reality is, they blocked and removed all the comments because citizens in Quebec posted truthful statements and facts that show the ugliness and bigotry that the current and past governments of Quebec have made law. Factually, Quebec violates all its citizens’ human rights as per the constitution of their country and as per the UN. In actuality, Quebec has a language police that harasses its citizens. Quebec is slipping further and further into a xenophobic, single ethnic province that drives out all other types, instead of the vibrant multicultural and multilingual place it has always been. Their censorship and attempts to hide the truth only reinforce this. To any New Yorker... yes, it is true. Local business owners and Quebecers are suffering. The language police is real; enforcement of French only and harassment of our local Ben & Jerry’s owners for labels such as “chunky monkey” and “peace and love”, forbidding employees to converse in English around the water cooler, ripping off motivational signs from walls, that display the word, “courage”. Furthermore, the choice of language in which children will be educated in, and the potential to forbid adults the option of what college they can attend, and plenty more is at jeopardy for your northern neighbors.

As proof, we have taken screenshots of the “majority” of comments they claim to have left up. Please take a look at their page and see if you can spot them. You will find they have all been deleted and along with the recommendation section, disabled. We will leave it up to you to decide whether these comments were truthful or not.

We say to the current Parti Quebecois government: You may try to conceal that pimple, but true and honest Quebecers will always be able to see past the thick make-up and expose it. So try and mask it all you want, divert everybody else’s attention by batting your fake eyelashes, you are not fooling anyone. If you are as honest as you say you are, we challenge you to be transparent and explain on your New York page all the details of bill 101 and the new proposed Bill14. There is nothing to be ashamed of, right?

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