Friday, 21 December 2012

Quebec Language Hypocrisy - BYE BYE 2012 English only Billboard

Driving down the East of Montreal on Notre dame and Papineau  I noticed a huge Billboard by Radio Canada and the words said “BYE BYE 2012” Double take. For those who do not know “BYE BYE” it is one of the most watched NEW Year’s shows in Quebec. The show is edgy and borderline racist and anti-English as some Community leaders have accused it to be in the past. The yearly program features sketches satirizing the past year's events, followed by a countdown to the next year. But as you drive down Notre Dame and see those big “BYE BYE” English words you can’t help but to think, why hasn’t anyone contacted the Language police?  Hypocrites?? To be fair  Bill 101 does exempt cultural institutions and crown corporations, but would that apply to French cultural institutions using English words? Sure CJAD can have ads in English because it is an English institutions but a French institutions using English, is that really cultural?

Best Buy, Old Navy Wal-Mart etc.. who have legit international trademarks and are exempt from Bill 101 somehow are in court battling over "too much English" on signs. So Best BUY no good...BYE BYE OK?? Hmm. It seems like the Tongue troopers are selectively choosing  their targets. The OLF seems to go after US and Canadian corporations, they have harassed mom and pop shops with such petty things as hand written English signs, they have gone after homeless dog shelters and parrots who don’t speak English but turn a blind eye to their own French institutions? Or maybe they just missed it?  Or maybe too many French Canadians would get mad if they did?

 I realize the Language police cannot touch Crown corporations like the CBC because they do not fall into their jurisdiction but how come they are not even trying... just a little bit? I thought the French language was being threatened? Perhaps next year “Au revoir Au revoir 2013

Jimmy Kay

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