Thursday, 20 December 2012

OQLF Harassing Pet Adoption House Absolutely Appalling

Infrastructure in Montreal is crumbling, hospitals under funded, palliative care cutting warm meals to cancer patients due to strict budgets and the (OQLF) Office québécois de la langue française is harassing a Pet Adoption House in Montreal? 

Sophie's Dog Adoption is run solely by Sophie, her son Rick and Annie. They have been rescuing dogs since 1996, one dog at a time and placed over 1,000 dogs so far! All  dogs are sterilized and vaccinated before adoption, and all applicants are fully screened before adoption.They believe in making the right matches for each dog and each family in order to give these dogs a real second chance.

We call on all dog owners and animal lovers to share this story to the best of your ability and DEMAND that the OQLF drop this case IMMEDIATELY.

We also ask that you support Sophie's Dog Adoption and rally around this courageous owner for standing up for her rights as a citizen. How many stories like this will it take for us to take a stand?

Join to fight language discrimination in Quebec

Sophie's Dog Adoption
OQLF Letter To Sophie
Sophie's Dog Adoption Donations

Global TV News Report Of Harassment :

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  1. As an ex Montrealer, I am disgusted with the kind of blatant discrimination that goes on in Quebec. I have been putting up with french only parking regulations and french only highway warnings, but this case is extra disgusting! Who cares about the dogs, as long as the language gestapo get their power trip! The only reason I visit is because I have family Montreal, otherwise, I would not even drive through to get to the east coast. I go to the states and drive east. Too bad, Montreal was a wonderful city in the 60's and 70's.