Sunday, 23 December 2012

What If Canada Adopted Their Own Bill101

Imagine for a moment, Canada put into place their own "Charter of the English Language" due to a growing perceived threat nationally that English was on the decline and warranted protection in Canada.

Canada being surrounded in a sea of Mandarin and Hindi (nearly 3 billion) and Canada's population at a mere 35 million, we definitely need a law to protect our national language (Canadian English) which is on the decline. For example, cities such as Vancouver have increasingly become more "Mandarin" and cities such as Toronto, have intolerable amounts of Hindi speakers. This needs to STOP. Our solution is to create the "Charter of the English Language."

The Charter of the English Language will ensure that the English Canadian language version is protected and that anyone living in Canada will speak OUR national language. A language police will be formed. Businesses not conforming, who continue to put up signs containing any other language than Canadian English, will be fined accordingly. Our agents will come into these businesses, photograph/measure all "offending signs" and promptly send a letter asking these businesses to conform to the English language Charter. Store owners will also be encouraged in areas where these languages are spoken, to put up stickers in their windows that read, "Here we shop in English."

 If any of the businesses have trademark names we suggest the following: Adding an English word in front of the sign to make it clear, and in order to limit the risk of Mandarinizing/Cantonizing or Indianizing our language:

Won Ton Soup = Chinese Meat Filled Noodles In Soup
Chow Mein = Stir-fried Chinese Noodles with meat and shrimp
Dim Sum = "Chinese Breakfast" or "Chinese Brunch"
Samosa = "Indian meat/vegetable-filled pastry"
Gulab Jamun = "Syrupy Ball Dessert"

 Occasionally these laws may cause Anglophone employees and population to beat up, egg, and refuse to serve the minorities in these cities. But please understand that in general, these are isolated incidents and these "victims" would be better off learning the English National language to avoid offending the population. We are in Canada after all so it is only normal they learn our language. When in Germany, we speak German, right? When in Italy, we speak Italian? So why not speak OUR national language which is Canadian English.

 As a matter of fact, we believe that the law is not strong enough and needs more bite. No anglophone Canadian should be taking courses that teach Mandarin/Cantonese or Hindi languages (even as adults), unless one of their parents were native Mandarin or Hindi. We would also like to grant judicial powers to our language minister responsible for the English language to have the power to subpoena and charge any offenders with contempt who refuse to comply with the language law.

 These measures need to be put into place ASAP or we risk being assimilated by the Chinese and Indian population. Our national language needs protection. 

Sounds very racist doesn't it? Would this be accepted in Canada? Of course not.
So why is it currently being accepted in Quebec?

End language discrimination in Quebec :


  1. No need for "what if...". There was a large influx of francophones in Ontario at the beginning of the 20th century. Francophones made up about 10% of the population of Ontario at the time. The English speaking 90% were very concerned by this and decided to basically ban French schools with Regulation 17.

    Regulation 17 was a regulation of the Ontario Ministry of Education, issued in July 1912 by the Conservative government of premier Sir James P. Whitney. It restricted the use of French as a language of instruction to the first two years of schooling.

    The regulation was eventually repealed in 1927 by the government of Howard Ferguson. Ferguson was an opponent of bilingualism, but repealed the law because he needed to form a political alliance with Quebec premier Louis-Alexandre Taschereau against the federal government. The Conservative government reluctantly recognized bilingual schools.

    Despite the repeal of Regulation 17, however, French language schools in Ontario were not officially recognized under the provincial Education Act until 1968.

    "But things are different now..." is what you'll undoubtedly say. The only difference is that Anglos don't feel that their language is threated in Canada. If they did, I'm sure you'd see a new version Regulation 17 popping up in a matter of seconds.

  2. Excellent piece! How about submitting it as an op-ed to newspapers in Canada and the US? :o)

  3. Languages are living things. They evolve, wax and wane and occasionally go extinct.
    We no longer learn Latin and Greek in school. It would be a complete waste of time.

    So if the French language goes extinct in Quebec, so be it. That is the way of living languages.
    If we want to preserve it, we should start collecting books and films and other paraphernalia so it can be preserved for posterity.... in a museum.

    1. From Lord Durham to Louis Riel and many other incidents, it has been clear for a long time that English Canada's designs for us has always been containment and assimilation.

      Millions of Quebecers are today Americans because there was no room for them in the rest of Canada. It was always easier to immigrate from the Ukraine to Western Canada than to move from Quebec to the West (if you spoke French).

      But today, the amnesiacs (or hypocrites) like yourself, pretend that the murder is a death from natural causes. It isn't. It's a death by design. But I agree with you, language laws are a poor substitute for the real thing, independence. That is the real game-changer. That is what will make the real difference between life and death for Quebec.

      I know which side you're rooting for. Me, I'm fighting for life. I'm fighting for the life of my nation. It may be an annoyance for you, one that you want to put in the museum or cemetery... That much is clear but spare us the bullshit about "equality", we both know that's not what you're really after.

      Latvian may have been a doomed language within the USSR but today the Latvians have a real shot at surviving into the future. Why? Because they are an independent nation now. That changes a lot and it will change a lot for Quebec, too.

      Vive le Québec Libre!!!

    2. Please go, and go soon!! Perhaps then, the have- provinces will be able to keep their money for their own social programs and the betterment of their provinces. Billions of dollars from Alberta come into Quebec every year in the form of transfer payments so you can have $7.00 a day daycare, lowest tuition fees on the NA continent, etc. GO SOON PLEASE PLEASE SVP SVP et pour votre information, je parle francais!! encore - ALLEZ ALLEZ SVP

    3. Unfortunately, you are completely brainwashed. Alberta doesn't pay for Quebec's social programs, Quebec taxpayer's do. Alberta could have the same social programs if it chose to pay for them. What Quebec gets from transfer payments is minimal when you look at it per capita, as you should. It is nothing compared to what the Maritime provinces get and you have to remember that half of Quebec is like a Maritime province.

      So, stop regurgitating propaganda. We'll take care of our maritime regions and you take care of yours. I'm fine with that.

    4. Wow you really are misinformed. so much so there is no point in even debating the issue with you..

      Vive Toute Une Canada!!!

    5. In other words, you don't have any arguments. What I'm saying just doesn't fit your programming... I suggest you visit my blog for a little bit of deprogramming but you may be too far gone... Still, you might learn something: