Tuesday, 18 December 2012

PQ Office In New York Ashamed Of Their Own Language Laws?

The annoying pimple, aka Bill101 and Bill14, became awfully hard to cover up on the PQ’s “Manhattan project” called: Quebec Government Office in New York.

Not only is Bill101 enforced in Quebec, the Parti Quebecois is pushing for a stronger Bill101 with fangs. For those of you living outside of Quebec, these laws are aimed at eliminating English on commercial signs, within businesses and forbidding citizens to attend English schools. The new Bill14 would strengthen those laws, provide the language minister judicial type powers and provide increased power to the office de la langue française, Quebec’s “language police”

We received word that these very laws that the PQ push hard in Quebec have become a very touchy and dirty topic when details were posted on their New York website; perhaps preventing potential American investors from understanding these laws fully. Quebecers fed up of the stagnant economy and limited growth these laws breed, found it rather hypocritical that the PQ would encourage New Yorkers to invest in Quebec, knowing full well the limitations of these xenophobic laws.

Comments of concern posted by Quebecers regarding these laws were removed promptly by the Quebec Government Office In New York; the comments section have since been “disabled”. Here is their statement:

“We would like to inform you that we have recently removed some comments because they did not follow the Facebook terms of use or our Facebook policy, which we invite you to read below.

As previously noted, we encourage discussion, dialogue and the sharing of ideas, but we will not tolerate personal attacks, insults, comments written in caps, walls of text, hate speech etc. We left the majority of the comments on our page and did not ban anyone because we want the community to be able to make up its mind about the value of such comments. Nevertheless, we have temporarily removed the user recommendation box because of spam. We hope this makes sense to all of you.”

Reality is, they blocked and removed all the comments because citizens in Quebec posted truthful statements and facts that show the ugliness and bigotry that the current and past governments of Quebec have made law. Factually, Quebec violates all its citizens’ human rights as per the constitution of their country and as per the UN. In actuality, Quebec has a language police that harasses its citizens. Quebec is slipping further and further into a xenophobic, single ethnic province that drives out all other types, instead of the vibrant multicultural and multilingual place it has always been. Their censorship and attempts to hide the truth only reinforce this. To any New Yorker... yes, it is true. Local business owners and Quebecers are suffering. The language police is real; enforcement of French only and harassment of our local Ben & Jerry’s owners for labels such as “chunky monkey” and “peace and love”, forbidding employees to converse in English around the water cooler, ripping off motivational signs from walls, that display the word, “courage”. Furthermore, the choice of language in which children will be educated in, and the potential to forbid adults the option of what college they can attend, and plenty more is at jeopardy for your northern neighbors.

As proof, we have taken screenshots of the “majority” of comments they claim to have left up. Please take a look at their page and see if you can spot them. You will find they have all been deleted and along with the recommendation section, disabled. We will leave it up to you to decide whether these comments were truthful or not.

We say to the current Parti Quebecois government: You may try to conceal that pimple, but true and honest Quebecers will always be able to see past the thick make-up and expose it. So try and mask it all you want, divert everybody else’s attention by batting your fake eyelashes, you are not fooling anyone. If you are as honest as you say you are, we challenge you to be transparent and explain on your New York page all the details of bill 101 and the new proposed Bill14. There is nothing to be ashamed of, right?

Quebec Government Office In New York :  https://www.facebook.com/QuebecNewYork

Join To End Language Discrimination In Quebec : http://www.facebook.com/putbacktheflag


  1. I love it, there are actually people out there actually speaking out (even our weak so called Federal leaning provincial politicians should be ashamed for playing these waste full games for their own interests) … Bravo to the true guard, the people! Although it would be nice to have business's come here so we wouldn't have to carry such a tax burden, it's also not fair to lead someone into a beaurocratic financial trap and into a provincial separatist government with one agenda. Would you steer your friend in front of a moving bus or harms way, no… you would pull them back or push them forward. I’ve been an ambassador for Canada all my life but have stopped promoting Quebec, what a shame…I live here and yet am ashamed of how two faced this government is.
    History seems to be repeating itself; I guess it’s on this turf now. Just today I overheard a conversation between to English speaking men of Italians origin at a Home Depot in the West Island indicating that this is their last Christmas here, as they will be starting their new lives in St. Catherin’s Ontario. The separatist have won another victory by pushing out more undesirables.

  2. I can't believe how little French is on any of the Quebec gov facebook pages including New York, Chicago, and Boston (or how much English). Talk about hypocrisy!

    This group should organize a comment drive to flood these pages with comments regarding our discontent with the current legal state in Quebec regarding language laws.

  3. Bravo, Bravo to everyone for speaking out and making the TRUTH available to Americans and for that matter to the rest of Canada. The comments above are NOT an exaggeration, by far. As a matter of fact they tend to minimize the devastating effects these 'illegal - outright ethnic cleansing - language laws' have had on the 2.5 million English speaking population (with most living in the Greater Montreal area) of Quebec. Our English language and the right to work in it - has been pretty much erased, as have ALL our rights and Freedoms. And it is by far not just the Partie Quebecois - that has forced these monstrosities upon us. The Provincial Liberals have been just as vigorous - if not even more so than the PQ - because they've 'pretended' to be loyal Canadians (Federalists) - and yet blah, blah, blah - while be the ones who created the boot stomping Language Police, giving them total immunity from prosecution - no matter how much they've terrorized the English - non French population beyond description. The Bill 14 being discussed here - is just another 'Step' - part of the grand plan (going on for over 30 YEARS - to "Cleanse the Province" of those English Evil Devils.

  4. It's utterly disgusting what is happening here in Quebec. The rest of Canada should definitely enact the same kind of laws which Quebec has instituted; namely, Bill 101 and lately, B14. You know that our weak, pander-to-Quebec federal government would declare these types of Bills against the Charter of Rights, wouldn't they??? However, when Quebec enacts anything so discriminatory, the response from our weak federal government is - oh, they are just preserving their culture. Give me a break!!! I am Acadian French, speak French but I will never, never, never say I am a Quebecoise - rather a very proud CANADIAN. However, I have been so disappointed in the jellyfish type of federal governments we have had in Ottawa for a number of years now.