Sunday, 30 December 2012

Discriminating Against Anglos In Quebec Is Discriminating Against Everyone

Let us start off by defining what an Anglophone is to your typical Separatist in Quebec. For some odd reason they believe anglophones in Quebec are “Anglo Saxons”. Now let me give you the true definition of what an Anglo Saxon is:

Anglo-Saxon: is a general term referring to the Germanic peoples who came to Britain during the 5th and 6th centuries, including Angles, Saxons, Frisii, and Jutes. The term also refers to the language spoken at the time in England, which is now called Old English, and to the culture of the era, which has long attracted popular and scholarly attention.

Now let us tell you what the reality is in Quebec. An anglophone in Quebec can be of any race or cultural background that use English as their primary spoken language at home. When you call an anglophone in Montreal a “Saxon” you are in fact insulting a vast number of minorities that helped build the city and make Montreal the multinational and vibrant city it is today. The Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, Chinese, the Jewish community, Armenians, Lebanese, Indians, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Scottish,  Irish, Filipino, Mexicans and more importantly the native people of Quebec. (Please note an anglophone can also be a mix of various ethnic groups including francophone)

What these ethnic groups in Quebec above suffer from is : Linguistic discrimination (also called linguicism and languagism) which is the unfair treatment of an individual based solely on their use of language. This use of language may include the individual's native language or other characteristics of the person's speech, such as an accent, the size of vocabulary (whether the person uses complex and varied words), and syntax. It may also involve a person's ability or inability to use one language instead of another; for example, one who speaks Japanese in France will probably be treated differently from one who speaks French. Based on a difference in use of language, a person may automatically form judgments about another person's wealth, education, social status, character, and/or other traits. These perceived judgments may then lead to the unjustifiable treatment of the individual.

To the backward thinkers in Quebec, discrimination based on language is RACISM when your linguistic discrimination deprives your minorities their freedom of speech and expression. We are not in the 5th or 6th century and labeling someone an “Anglo Saxon” to justify your racism and discrimination will not be tolerated.  “Quebec is the only place in the world where cities are barred from serving minorities in a language of their choice unless the minority is the majority. It is absurd,” Cote-St-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather

So we call on everyone to stand up and tell it like it is. Language discrimination IS racism and using the excuse of protecting your culture when openly bashing others can NEVER be tolerated or justified. You will be on the wrong side of history should you choose that option, freedom of choice and equal rights will always prevail.

Fight language discrimination in Quebec:
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  1. You write such utter garbage, Mark. At lease, you keep your articles mercifully short. I am what you would call an "evil Separatist". Yet the term "Anglophone" has always meant a "speaker of English" to me. The same goes for all my "evil Separatist" friends. Where did you get this ridiculous "Anglo Saxon" idea? Let me guess, it's shit you just made up to sell this racism argument of yours.

    I personally know several unilingual Anglophones who live and work in Quebec with nothing more than the occasional inconvenience. They have good jobs and can get every service they want in English. The idea that they are suffering from discrimination is a sick joke.

    Look at your Wikipedia link on linguistic discrimination ( They cite many examples from around the world. Notice how Quebec is absent from that list... Quebec, as the home of a small linguistic minority in North America, has laws to protect and promote the use of its language. Catalonia has similar laws. It isn't discrimination, it is a way to level the playing field between unequal players.

    You can talk about equal rights all you want. That's not even remotely what you're after. You are more like the Southern redneck who sees Affirmative Action for Blacks as the oppression of the white race.

    If you are unwilling to make any concessions for the fact that you live in the only corner of this continent that isn't completely dominated by English then think about leaving it because you have no shortage of 100% English-speaking options.

  2. Veritas - Section 10 QC Charter of Human Rights - language is a prohibited ground of discrimination. Selon vous, dire la verité au Québec est interdit, il semble bien.

    QC has been condemned by the UN for violating conventions with respect to the rights of citizens to chose language of education, and for Freedom of Expression (and that includes Commercial)! Our no-backbone appeasers in Ottawa do nothing but forsake our rights to appease the separatist and ultranationalist factions that dominate QC's Losership political class (same ones, both PQ and PLQ, that blew over $50BN of your retirement monies in 2008, souvenez-vous ?).

    Here's a case of discrimination that the QC Human Rights Commission started off with, but messed up because of Francophone lawyers who wish to maintain institutionalised discrimination in Quebec!

    Who cares if Wiki has no examples for QC, go read NoDogsOrAnglophones for a while, the Editor there has been documenting this crap we deal with daily here for over a decade. Our Provincial Govt does little to support our Human Rights to have Section 10 upheld, and neither does the Commission (which answers to no-one when they phrack up, note even the Protection du Citoyen!).

  3. 'you have no shortage of 100% English-speaking options'.....What the phrack is this all about? Quebec anglos are a qualified majority bilingual, we pay exorbitant taxes, yet are not allowed to work for the govt (unless you think that 1% is representative of the almost 14% we are of the provincial population).
    We are 1M strong, yet have to live under the constant oppression of 'language laws':
    Bonne lecutre: ‘Je me souviens’ les palmarès Top 20 de la loi 101 sacrée qui nuit à la société Québécoise.

  4. Hugo - Here is my reply to your rant: Mark Stone (if that is his real name) was trying to make the case that Quebec's language laws are racist and linguistic discrimination. Neither of which are true. As you pointed out yourself, discrimination on the basis of language is illegal in Quebec.

    Does discrimination happen in Quebec? I'm sure it does. Does it ever happen to Anglophones? It's quite possible but it is against the law in Quebec. Do you really think that type of discrimination doesn't go both ways?

    But what happens if we look at the bigger picture? Why don't you compare notes with a Franco-Ontarian? How does their treatment as a linguistic minority in Ontario compare to the treatment of Anglophones in Quebec? Well, first of all French schools were banned in Ontario in 1912. The ban was repealed in 1927 but there was no public funding for French in Ontario until the 1960's.

    I know, the comparison is ridiculous. Francophones in Ontario were poor trash looking for work. So what if the government of Ontario kept them uneducated for decades and in the lowest rungs of the economic ladder? It's all they deserved, right?

    Anglos in Quebec, however, were lords and masters since the conquest. Until the "Revolution Tranquille" and the rise of the modern Sovereignist movement in Quebec, Francophones largely accepted their subordinate position to Anglophones. Francophones were just cheap labor to be exploited by rapacious Anglos. They were also relegated to the lowest rungs of the economic ladder.

    All this changed in the 1960's when people like Jacques Parizeau created organizations like la Société générale de financement and la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec which made capital generally available to Francophones for the first time. This completely changed the economic landscape in Quebec. Quebec was no longer the fiefdom of a small group of wealthy Anglo oligarchs.

    So compared to what we've been through, Anglos in Quebec have absolutely nothing to complain about. In any case, let's look at what you and other Anglo supremacists are calling for. You want Quebec to remain a province of Canada but stop protecting the French language. According to Statics Canada, French is declining all across Canada including Quebec and that is with the language laws. No language laws + no independence = cultural genocide in Quebec. That is what you're really calling for.

  5. Veritas and Justicia, we are talking about NOW, not 1960.
    And BTW, the Losership that you worship at the Caisse de defauts lost a generations' worth of investment, which a maudit Anglo was commissioned to come in and stop the flood of money out the window!

    FR is not in danger in QC, get over it.
    Lâcher votre nombrille, et, en passant, c'était plutôt l'église qui a dominé le Québec avant la revolution tranqille. Not our fault many still consider making enough money to pay your bills is bad here, not our fault entrepreneurialism is totally thwarted by Gouvernemama et l'Offeeeeceee.