Saturday, 5 January 2013

Government Should Never Have To Protect A Culture

People I know and the treatment they received here in Quebec recently due solely to the use of Canada's other Language (English) has not impressed me. The Language Police's constant barrage of idiotic proposals and wasted resources that so many of us have known as reality for a very long time are now being brought to light at long last. I am sickened, astonished and quite ashamed to be honest. Its disgusting discrimination and worst of all the oppression of the Francophone people of this province. They are being deprived of the freedom choice and education paramount to being part of a global society or any global business progression. 
When everyone on this planet want to provide their children with the gift of a second language, ironically Quebec is forbidding it. When the rest of the planet is moving forward Quebec is taking steps backward. When we are working feverishly every day hoping and praying to build acceptance and working towards global unity of every race religion and culture relishing in every small step forward toward global cohesion, the Quebec is breeding bigotry and hatred. It's neolithic quite frankly.
They are making asses of themselves and blackening the eye of a country I love. I am proud of who I am and my heritage. I do not need ANYONE or ANY government to maintain it for me. I am quite capable to do so for myself and my family. I love the people of Quebec and feel truly blessed to have been a part of what is Quebec culture while I've lived here. The incredible people and culturally rich individuals of this province do not need either to have the French Quebec culture shoved down their throats. They don't need to be told they don't have the right to provide their children with a second language. They do not need to be monitored by the language police and threatened for speaking English in their office or their businesses. The last time I was outside my front door,  the people of Quebec that I came in contact with were as smart as any Canadian I know and could make their own choices. Quebecker s are perfectly capable in taking pride in their language and culture without being mandated to do so by the government.
I am not just an Anglo, I can more then get by in a second language. However the longer I live here amongst this bigotry and oppression the less I have the desire to use this second language as I have been made to gag on so many many times. My heart goes out to the life long residents of Quebec. 
Hopefully the choice of culture and language will one day belong to the people as it does in the rest of our country. I for one truly believe after my years living here that the pride of the people are all that is needed to preserve the the incredible culture of Quebec.

Danyell Trotter-Worr Member
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