Monday, 21 January 2013

OLF Targets Cupcake Shop In Montreal

We all love them, those delicious little cakes nicely decorated. We ate them as kids and even as adults we are hard pressed to pass a cupcake without taking a bite. Travel around the world and chances are if you ask someone what a cupcake is, they most likely will tell you. Cupcake shops have become as ubiquitous as hot dog stands in some American cities, and have spread to Rome; Istanbul; Berlin; Seoul, South Korea; and Sydney and Australia. Even the Arab world is not immune to such a Western frivolity. 

However, this cupcake frenzy does not seem to have hit the Office De la Langue Française just yet. Today the owner of “Crazy About Cupcakes” in Pointe Claire, Montreal was told by the OLF that the word "cupcakes" in her brand name may not be acceptable. Armed with this knowledge, we decided to do a little research to see what these little illegal cakes are called in France. We found out they were called....well..."Cupcakes". Here are some of the shop names we found in France:

Cupcakes & Company :
Synie’s Cupcakes: Located in Paris
Tout savoir sur les cupcakes (A Book)
Choppy’s Cupcakes and Coffee Shop:
Sugar Daze: (Paris) English Site

Even *gasp* Cupcake camp :

For anyone with a marketing background, a logo and a name are very important, a lot of money and research goes into their design. Unfortunately for Tanya Bouzaglo, owner of “Crazy About Cupcakes”shop these changes would affect many aspects of her business. Not only would her brand name take a hit, she would also have to update her software, cash register, business cards, advertising and even a car she has wrapped in an ad. The OLF did agree to pay for 75% towards making her business French as this is their rule for small business,  however it still leaves the owner footing 25% of the bill after all changes are implemented.

How generous of the OLF to pick up 75% of the tab to ensure “Cupcake” or ”crazy” is eradicated from Quebec. We all know who is really paying for this nonsense, we the taxpayers and small business owners. Lets face it, the fight against the word cupcake is so important and SHOULD take precedence over not so important issues such as health care, roads, cancer funding and equipment for children’s hospitals.

We encourage everyone to drop by “ Crazy About Cupcakes” :48 St Anne #4, Pointe Claire and order some delicious cupcakes. But when you order try not to be too loud when using the word cupcake, the OLF just might be listening to you

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