Friday, 11 January 2013

In the rest of Canada, we respect paramedics, why don't you Madame Marois?  would like to show their full support to our ambulance technicians who despite being on strike give their 100% commitment to the job.

Join us to fight dircrimination in Quebec :

QUEBEC — About 120 striking ambulance technicians and paramedics blew vuvuzelas, ate hotdogs and drank Pepsi Friday outside the offices of their employer, Quebec’s treasury board. 

Yvon Bonesso, a vice-president of the Confédération des syndicats nationaux union representing the ambulance attendants, said the picnic-style demonstration was meant to attract public attention to the strike by 2,500, which began on Dec. 24, 2012. 

“We’re on strike and we’re giving 100 per cent service,” Bonesso said, saying that in normal times, less than 100 per cent of ambulance service is available. 

“It’s better than usual,” he added. “Our hands are tied.” 

 Quebec’s essential services commission has ruled the union must maintain full ambulance service during their strike. 

Bonesso said the union is not seeking a wage increase. Instead it is asking for changes in the pay scale so that its members reach the top pay scale in five years, as is the case in other provinces.Now it takes 16 years to reach the top scale. The union is also seeking pension improvements. 

Bonesso said ambulance workers often quit, are injured or get too sick to work before reaching normal retirement age, similar to what happens to police, firefighters and people in the military. 

They also want the same recognition that paramedics get in other provinces. 

The union has been without a contract since March 30, 2010.

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