Monday, 30 September 2013

Canadian soldier told that his daughter could not attend English school

Photo: Soldier Eric Aumand and daughter

By Mike Kane

We recently received a letter from a Canadian soldier that details intimidation and harassment by Quebec's Ministry of Education that nearly cost his daughter entry into English school. Below you will read details of the exchange that went on between Mr. Aumand and the person responsible at the ministry.

Mr Aumand's letter to PBTF:
The person who called me is Mister Fu Sun, he is the Designated Person of the Ministry of Education (Ministère de l'Éducation) and "personne responsable d'admissibilité à l'enseignement en Anglais" and confirmed by the English school board here in Quebec.

Mr. Fu Sun called the school board to get my contact information and lied to them on the phone telling them he only had a few questions to finalize our file as we filed under the military exemption status to send our daughter to an English School. Well, that was a lie, and the School Board apologized profusely this morning to me because of this and are taking actions to try and ensure he doesn't do this again, as according to them, this is not the first time he does this.

Mr. Fu Sun called me and told me that he needed PROOF that I would be posted outside the province in order to allow my kids the right to an English education, he wanted proof that I would be imminently posted. When I told him that the only time a military member gets proof is when we get our posting messages, that is the ONLY time we can confirm.  We get this approximately around the month of April of any possible posting.

He then asked me if I was aware that the law had changed, and that the exemption was no longer granted, I told him that according to my knowledge, that was only a proposed item in Bill 14, he said and I quote "non, monsieur (chuckle) vous vous trompez."

He was trying to convince me that the laws had changed on the exemption and that there was "jurisprudence".  I found out this morning, speaking with the school board that he was referring to a case where a military member a while back was ill, and because of his illness (post Afghanistan and illness related to the mission) he would never be posted, so, his request had been denied due to the fact that he would never be posted outside Quebec.  What Mr. Fu Sun is trying to do now, is create further jurisprudence to essentially require proof that a member will be posted within a certain time in order to obtain the right to send our kids to an English school.

He asked me on the phone last night if my daughter was currently IN her English school, when I said yes she was and that I had filed under my exemption, he told me, and I quote, "mais monsieur, c'est illégal, vous n'avez pas encore le droit lorsqu'on n'a pas approuvé votre demande"

When I asked who makes the decision, he told me that he was the one making decisions. When I asked him to cite the law that states that my military exemption had changed, he laughed and tried to change the direction of the conversation. This man tried to intimidate me and scare me into thinking that I was breaking the law so I could pull my child out of school myself.

Please spread this letter as far as you can so everyone is aware of the situation in Quebec. I would hope that this never happens to another military family.

Eric Aumand - Canadian Military and father

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Remain Honorable and Set the Example

Good evening fellow PBTF'ers,

We would like to thank everyone for sharing and liking our content over the past year. Our traffic has increased 125% these past two weeks and we have become one of the busiest sites delivering information and reports on the ground that local media may not cover. We thank you for supporting us.

That being said, we would also like to ask you all to refrain from name calling, slurs or profanity when addressing anyone or commenting on some of the content we post. We understand that since the charter has been made public tensions have been soaring, however we must never sink down to the level of the people we fight against. 

We are all better then that. Hit them with intellect and remain honorable in your responses, we all have to set the example. Many people keep an eye on this page and any derogatory comment may cause irreversible damage to the cause we all believe in. Please remember that the a majority of francophone Quebecers are against these laws and support us 100%. It is very hurtful for francophones that are on our side to hear these comments.

We would also like to address a very small percentage of people that accuse this page of creating division. We are not the ones that introduced a charter and language laws that segregate a good portion of the population and make Quebecers and Canadians born here feel unwelcome in their own home. 

We have been on the ground at both protests and have personally witnessed people afraid to leave a bank or walk anywhere close to a crowd of nationalists. This fear is real and we are appalled and disgusted that this can go on in our country. No one should be afraid to walk the streets out of fear of being harassed for their skin color or belief or even language spoken.

We also promise to never give up and we hope you continue to give us the support you have this past year.

Mike Kane

Jews and Anglos Latest Target of Racial Defacing in Montreal

Racial defacing continues in Montreal:

One of our members reported campaign posters being vandalized with the word "Jew" and "English" written with a felt marker near the Vendome Metro station.

Mike Kane

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Friday, 6 September 2013

PQ history speaks for itself

We think Barry has it right with the below quote. We have tried to do our best for the past year doing just that.
"We will have to keep fighting the fight, dispelling the lies, and promoting the truth.
We can all be like Churchill and write the history we intend to make."

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Victim of last year’s tomato attack feels abandoned by justice system

Global MontrealOut of the blue, another patient allegedly approached him and said “Ici au Québec on parle français” (“Here in Quebec, we speak French”), before throwing a tomato sandwich directly in his face.It was enough to send him into anaphylactic shock. The upside is that he was just a few feet away from the emergency room. Story and Video: Global News Report

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Quebec is Not a Country No Matter What Marois Says

In the past few weeks you may have heard Pauline Marois call Quebec a "country". Your ears were not playing tricks on you, this is indeed the PQ's new strategy moving forward. 

Her quote: 
"We have the chance to live here in a country, the country of Quebec. We respect diversity and free choice in religion I deeply condemn what happened at the mosque." Pauline Marois (See CTV News video)

Make no mistake about it, Pauline Marois and the PQ have unilaterally declared Quebec a country. As elected leader of a province within Canada declaring Quebec a country should sound the alarm for everyone. It is time we all took this issue very seriously, the PQ right now are bragging about governing the province as if they were about to have a referendum and gloating about how well their social media campaign has been working promoting Quebec as a country.

We have a message for the PQ, as long as we are around and keep gaining support we will oppose your media campaigns,  we will remind you that Quebec is NOT a country and we will do everything we can to expose your intolerant ways to the rest of the world. 

To our PBTF members, we ask that you talk to whoever you know and bring them on-board. We are now  31,000 strong and nothing stops us from doubling this number going into the fall season. We will not abandon you. We will continue to give Canadian patriots living in Quebec, Canada of ALL languages and cultures an avenue to voice their concerns and allow discrimination to be exposed every step of the way. 

We have to send a clear message, we are CANADIANS and will never accept a minority government unilaterally declaring Quebec a country without consulting the will of the people. It is irresponsible and a disgrace to all that fought for our freedom as Canadians.

Mike Kane PBTF (Putbacktheflag)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Mandatory Quebec History Lesson for Adults On the Way

CJAD - Quebec’s education minister Marie Malavoy announced Monday the government’s plans to enhance the teaching of Quebec history in elementary school and in the CEGEP system.

Story CJAD

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