Monday, 23 September 2013

Remain Honorable and Set the Example

Good evening fellow PBTF'ers,

We would like to thank everyone for sharing and liking our content over the past year. Our traffic has increased 125% these past two weeks and we have become one of the busiest sites delivering information and reports on the ground that local media may not cover. We thank you for supporting us.

That being said, we would also like to ask you all to refrain from name calling, slurs or profanity when addressing anyone or commenting on some of the content we post. We understand that since the charter has been made public tensions have been soaring, however we must never sink down to the level of the people we fight against. 

We are all better then that. Hit them with intellect and remain honorable in your responses, we all have to set the example. Many people keep an eye on this page and any derogatory comment may cause irreversible damage to the cause we all believe in. Please remember that the a majority of francophone Quebecers are against these laws and support us 100%. It is very hurtful for francophones that are on our side to hear these comments.

We would also like to address a very small percentage of people that accuse this page of creating division. We are not the ones that introduced a charter and language laws that segregate a good portion of the population and make Quebecers and Canadians born here feel unwelcome in their own home. 

We have been on the ground at both protests and have personally witnessed people afraid to leave a bank or walk anywhere close to a crowd of nationalists. This fear is real and we are appalled and disgusted that this can go on in our country. No one should be afraid to walk the streets out of fear of being harassed for their skin color or belief or even language spoken.

We also promise to never give up and we hope you continue to give us the support you have this past year.

Mike Kane

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