Monday, 2 September 2013

Mandatory Quebec History Lesson for Adults On the Way

CJAD - Quebec’s education minister Marie Malavoy announced Monday the government’s plans to enhance the teaching of Quebec history in elementary school and in the CEGEP system.

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  1. What kind of crap is this now?? You want all students to know about your damn heritage, please explain how that could happen when you don't even know about it. Get off your thrown, there is no way in hell this place will ever become a french city. You live in a dream because I am one person who you can throw in jail for the rest of my life, but there is no way in HELL that I will ever succumb to doing everything in French. There is still a National Charter and you can't over write it, you can't deny it and you can't forget it. I will talk whatever language I want, write in what ever language I want and if I ever have a storefront of my own you can be sure the ENGLISH will always be BIGGER than the french. You don't come into a place where at least for my last 55 years has been a happy one without idiots like you stirring the pot. We were all at least happy enough, but you had to change everything because none of you have the brains to realize English is a universal language and the crap we speak is useless anywhere else. You want us to know you friggen heritage, hell we were already taught that in school and besides all that I am not interested in the fact that your ancestors were convicts or you trying to rewrite that part too. The only thing you have accomplished is you seem to have given permission to every half backed ass to physically attack those who speak English, your bus drivers suddenly FORGOT how to speak English and don't give a shit that an elderly person is lost. You waste my pension money on what you called the language police who are also so useless that my pension had to be pushed back 2 years so you can pay these useless asses who sit on their asses all day driving around. Stop pushing your excuse for a language, your excuse for a history and you are the biggest excuse for a premiere I have ever seen and the ONLY reason you got what little you did is because you are a bigger liar then the rest, your promised so much to students and then you stepped on their faces. You are a puppet with no brains and the more of this crap you keep pushing on us, the more likely you are to get booted our of office and I would be thrilled to watch as you land on your ass. Your short comings are the fault of only one person, and that is YOU, all you seem to do is try and fix your screw ups in life by ruining everyone else. No country anywhere else wants you to visit there. You are an unwanted piece of trash who has over stayed their welcome and needs to be thrown out now

  2. did you know the language of the first cavemen was French ?

  3. Fuck this is stupid. Hypocrites, if they really wanted to be French they wouldn't have American owned stores all over the fucking place.
    Why don't you go sip on your STARBUCKS and shop at BEST BUY you dumb asses.

  4. they look like a couple of turtles hahahaha probably there brain works the same way guess hitler is back lolll screw them i wont allow my children to be forced to learn something that wont benefit later on in life the lingo sure but to force children something that wont even matter is just there way of brain washing them so later they'll get the votes for a seperation hopeing they to will feel the same way when they get older i say forget the past its over and done with we need to focus on the present and future time moves forwards not backwards

  5. I'm not for the history class in the CEGEP, but the thing is, I'm a french canadian, and I found this pretty aggressive your response, I always amaze how people like you, show how stupid some people are! REal red neck, a stupid imbecile! ENGLISH BIGGER than French! What kind how narrow minded twit would say such a thing!

    Méchant ignorant celui-ci!

    Oui, il y a une histoire au Québec, et elle est déjà enseigné au secondaire, de le faire au cégep, c'est pour les immigrants, car souvent ils arrivent à ce niveau collégiale ou universitaire. Je suis totalement contre le partie Québécois, mais cette politique du cour obligatoire, n'est pas nécessairement mauvais, car les cours obligatoires, la moitié sont déjà inutile! Alors en remplacer un par le cours histoire, on s'en balance, et ca fait que donner un peu d'information au nouveau arrivant.

    By the way SILKY, this is french, if you cant read it, then after 55 years, seem you have a stuck-up problem! Or some kind of idiot syndrome! And that 'quebec history class' is already given in secondary, it will just be put a the cegep level! Not the big deal, it will only serve the immigrant, to now more about the place, the choice they made to move in!

  6. I'm losing my time in general to read inappropriate language! You might be against but please be polite and do some more reading about the subject!