Friday, 16 August 2013

Teavana in Montreal Censors Dirty English Instructions

One of our members brought this to our attention, we posted it verbatim

My boyfriend and I were at Carrefour Angrignon, in the Teavana store a couple weeks ago. He noticed that there were pieces of plain white paper all over the store, taped up. We looked and it was ALL the English parts of the signs that were covered up! Because, of course, to put it before French is a crime. (!!)

We asked the sales lady about it, and she was the one that had put it up. (But please don't go into the store just to harass her, it it's not her fault). She told us that many francophone customers would complain directly to Teavana's head office, about the English description being above the French one. Head office wanted to remove all the signs I think...

Rather than remove all the signs, which are necessary to educate the consumer on the cool different types of tea they have, the sales lady just decided to cover them up to avoid all the complaints. 

This is wrong on so many levels... and plus they receive lots of complaints against their name 'Teavana', which some francophone consumers deem to be too English because of the word Tea....

Teavana is an American chain. I always think If someone wants to buy the product, be honest about what you're buying into. You want to drink that American owned Teavana tea, well then just do it!! Don't expect to have it sugar-wrapped so it looks like it fits into your political views / Quebec culture.

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Contact Teavana:

Phone : 1-877-832-8262

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