Monday, 11 February 2013

Montreal Dental Clinic Refusing Care To Anglos

Since the PQ have taken power, fear and hate have gripped the mindset and the main target seems to be all non-francophones. Teenagers being beaten, headlocks and assaults by STM workers, ambulance technicians denying proper service in emergencies, families being egged, new immigrants humiliated at the SAAQ, language police crashing small and medium sized business with cameras and threats of large fines for using words like cupcake, “peace and love” or brownie and GST on cash register receipts. These are just a fraction of the stories from business owners and citizens who are brave enough to stand up to tell their story.

Nothing prepared us for what we were going to hear next. A dentist’s office refusing to serve anglophone patients in a scene reminiscent of the southern United States in the 1800’s, when a father and his two and a half year old daughter were asked to leave.

Maryam who is fluently bilingual had booked an appointment for her 2.5 year old daughter Donya, who was suffering from unknown dental pain. When Maryam’s husband Pedro (from Toronto and has been living in Quebec only 2 years) brought his daughter to her appointment, what he was about to experience, left him in shock and total disbelief.

Pedro presented himself at the secretary’s desk at the clinic and admitted that his French was quite weak and he could not understand. Pedro explained, “I am sorry, I do not speak French, is it possible to speak in English?”

To which the secretary sternly replied in English, “ Your wife spoke French and someone who speaks French will need to be here. We only serve French people.”

After Pedro tried to relay the information to the secretary that they had an appointment at 1pm, he was told again that they do not serve English people here. And then she mumbled the words F#ck y@u under her breath.

Pedro figured maybe she was having a bad day and eventually little Donya was seen by a dental assistant for a cleaning. Pedro thought the matter was resolved. After cleaning her front row of teeth, Donya needed a break. Pedro heard the dentist speaking to the secretary in French. They were then told to leave and that they had to bring their daughter to a specialist as she was not cooperating.

As Pedro insisted that he see the dentist as his daughter really needed to be looked at, the technician said,“The doctor does not want to see your daughter, go see the specialist.”

A followup call by Maryam resulted in the same kind of treatment, ‘we do not serve anglos’ and a prompt hang up of the phone.

One of our member reporters decided to follow up with the clinic to see if we would be treated in the same fashion if posed as an anglophone wanting to book an appointment. Sure enough, they received the same treatment and were told they only serve “French People”. You can listen to the audio clip attached below in this blog.

We have chosen not to release the name of the dental clinic and leave it to the mainstream media to be responsible for following up with the family that was refused treatment and the clinic. If they decide to publish the names they can do so at their discretion

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