Monday, 29 April 2013

No Man is an Island When Defending Human Rights

Time and time again we heard how the anglophone community has been it’s own worst enemy. In-fighting and battles seem to have plagued the community for decades, unable to make any advances. Unless we are prepared to change the way we think, we will be doomed to fail once again.
We recently read a comment from Bill Dever which reads as follows, “ In history leaders, true leaders come from people who first are willing to serve a cause. Proscribing credit to a certain group and not for Canada is indicative of a deep narcissistic problem, corrosive people, with corrosive egos. Frankly more strength is gained from anonymous defense of Anglo rights and to wage a campaign incognito, instead of the “hey look at me” has far more integrity than a wounded ego who craves gratification from activities not of their own authorship.”
The cause is greater then ANY individual. You can quickly learn who is for the cause and who is in for themselves. Here area few examples of self promotion to look for:

1-   An individual claiming they are for the cause yet after one interview, post self promoting links for the next 3 days asking everyone to listen. Good for you, however this has absolutely no impact overall.

2-  Attending a rally or interview and then posting your picture on your FB wall and background for the next few months and seeking praise. This stinks of narcissism and does absolutely nothing for the cause.

3-   Creating a “fan page” of yourself. This is a sure fire way to turn off anyone that supported you. People support the cause not YOU or individuals.

"It is possible that over time, group members’ positive impressions of narcissistic leaders decrease. Indeed, previous research has shown that although people’s impressions of narcissists are positive at first, they decline over time (Paulhus, 1998)."

In order to succeed we have to all have a vision and accomplishing what we set out to do. This is not about self it is about the cause.

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. —Peter Drucker

Hopefully we learn this time.

Mike Kane

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