Monday, 25 November 2013

Anglo opposition city counselor in Longueuil Quebec treated like a dog

FOR RELEASE by November 23rd, 2013

When Bob Myles entered his office today he was greeted with a cruel reminder of the bigotry often shown to minorities in Quebec.
Upon entering his office today Mr Robert Myles was greeted with a desk adorned with packages of dog food, a woof sign and a French-English dictionary. Mr. Myles a fluently bilingual opposition councillor did not take this as a joke, but as part of the disrespect Anglo's are consistently being shown by the administration of former Bloc MP, Caroline St.Hilaire.
The City of Longueuil refused to condemn this action or comment. Please remember that it was the City administration that denied Myles office space last week. This is a deep affront to the both democracy and the Anglo fact in Quebec.
The anglophone and allophone communities have been subjected to numerous instances of racism, bigotry and religious intolerance over the past year due to the PQ's divisive policies. Never have we as a community been degraded to such an extent as to have one of our democratically elected opposition counselors be treated like a DOG.
We ask that this action be condemned and all individuals responsible be dealt with in a swift manner.
Bob Myles is quickly becoming an icon and a rallying point for democracy and diversity in an increasingly hostile Quebec. We ask that everyone stand behind Mr. Bob Myles in condemning this degrading display of injustice which threatens our democracy in Quebec

Mike Kane

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