Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remove "Jewish" from Jewish General hospital and ban circumcisions says PQ candidate

A post has been circulating on social media. Tania Longpré PQ candidate in Viau was asked if Jewish should be removed from the "Jewish General Hospital name and if there should be a ban on circumcision in the charter. See her answer below:



  1. History will not look favourably on this xenophobic people who want to erase the history of Montreal.

  2. Comme dirait Obélix, "Ils sont fous ces Québecois"

  3. ct'une grosse ignorante celle là...on lui voit presque les seins connasse va te cacher damnnn

  4. The epitome of bottom barrel political candidates. She's nothing but a washed out loser in the political picture. No one cares about her racist views and she will go back to worshiping Hitler in secret on Monday morning through Friday evening. Ignore her, she will fade away just like all racists do.

  5. History will not look kindly on the entire island of Montreal. You people applauded the police as they bashed the open minds of youth only to then remedy your corrupt municipal government by electing a man whose been accused of being a corrupt, lying politician. Then there's the fact that no person can even get elected as mayor here unless you have a french last name (it's called nepotism, right?) and both major provincial parties have the EXACT SAME ideologies apart from separation (seriously, they both agree on literally every other point, even language rights) but we think that electing either of them will make some difference. As Xenophobic and overly racist as the Quebecois can be, the West Island isn't exactly San Francisco. To make things even worse, we have a crumbling infrastructure which receives barely any attention and our public transit rates almost make driving look affordable (3$ a ticket!?! for a round trip, it'll cost a minimum wage worker 60% of their first hour's income) and still pay the HIGHEST TAX RATE IN CANADA. But yeah, why are people leaving this city en masse again?

  6. fuck them !!! leave it the "jewish" word !!! its a historical hospital and a proof how much the jewish community had contributed in the quebecer and canadian society.

  7. Wow!!! I really taught on this day, Hitler and his idealism was gone but I see no further, then one ignorante lady and the beliefs of condemning an entire community on behalf of one history ignorant lady!!!

    Might has well condemne all the following:
    Shwartz delicatessen in case it might be jewish, polish and more europeen
    Shut down all churches of Quebec becasue the cross is there and visible
    Create concentration camps for anglophones and give them a damn good idea of being rebelious
    Ambulance St-John should just become a John and just crap on it!
    St-Luc hospital should be just Luc hospital becasue there is a saint in the name,
    Royal Victoria, oh boy, there goes the monarchy! I just hope they don't rename it Royal Marois hospital , I would be so scared of getting threated there becasue I believe in both languages and being circumcized! Yikes, my poor buddy and the twins!

    Please young lady, get a history course and give up the Hitler idea!!!!!

    SHIT, j'ai pas écris en français!
    Voulez vous une traduction mademoiselle???

    HITLER est mort!!!!!!! Capish!!!!! Oups c'est italien