Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Let us create a new wall, the wall of separation between state and imposed culture

I would like to address your letter to the editor in defense of Bill 60 (Charter of Values) and Quebec living a "Jefferson Moment." Ny Times Article. Quite the combined effort. 

By the way, the crucifix you claim is being taken down will be moved to another room in the national assembly. Just thought I would clear that up.

 I find your letter quite hypocritical coming from a government that recently introduced a bill ( bill 14) that would have drastically reduced the rights of its own citizens. Here are the highlights of your proposed and recently scrapped Bill 14 that was a main focus of your PQ election platform that people outside of Quebec need to understand:

  • Revoking bilingual status if the population falls below 50%
  • Francophone military families would be unable to send their child to English school.
  • Anglophone CEGEPS would have to prioritize Anglo students over francophones
  • Language police would be able to SEIZE anything they believe is an offense against the charter without a warrant.

If you believe that the state should be neutral then why forcefully impose your culture and language on all the population of Quebec? What is the difference between the state forcing culture and language on its citizens or imposing religion?

You do not have a monopoly on culture in Quebec and depending on what area you grew up in or your background, we all were exposed to different cultures. Someone that grew up in Parc Extension, St Leonard, Ville St Laurent, DDO, Cote St Luc or Little Burgundy would have quite a different cultural experience then someone growing up in Saguenay, Lac St Jean or Quebec City.

So be true to your word and let the government maintain its neutrality and let your own citizens choose the culture they feel applies to them. Let us create a new wall, the "wall of separation between state and imposed culture."

We are sure Jefferson would approve.

Mike Kane
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  1. Did you send that to the NY times too? Hope so. They also completely misconstrue Jefferson's definition of separation of church and state..

  2. Actually, the crucifix will be moved from the assembly to another room in the parliament... away from the legislature. Just thought I would clear that up.